Solar Recover Save Your Skin Hydrating Mist All Natural Moisturizer

Do you have heavy creams and moisturizers, yet also hate dry skin? Have you ever been having so much fun in the sun, you forget to moisturize and put on sunscreen? Next thing you know - BAM! SUNBURN! That awful "What am I going to do, I can't EVEN put on clothes right now!!" feeling!

Well THIS is the product for you!!!  This all natural, handmade hydrating mist and moisturizer is the BOMB, y'all!!  First, its so lightweight and smells WONDERFUL, so I use it as a daily moisturizer - for my face and all my other parts! I have several sitting around the house so I can just spritz it on to freshen up or hydrate my skin!

Second, if you are an avid sunbather (as I am!), then this is a MUST!!! I personally fried myself in the pool a month back and immediately began using this as soon as I got home. It instantly took the sting away and calmed my skin down, so I continued to use it and MIRACLE - I DIDN'T PEEL!! My skin never got that "tight" or dry / scaly feeling and it all turned into a nice, brown suntan within 2-3 days! I'm not kidding when I say this stuff is LIFE, y'all!

Unfortunately we can't sell it directly on our website, per the agreement with our vendor. HOWEVER, we can sell it in store and over the phone (and ship it right out to you, wherever you are!). If you shop us online, just call our store at 704-281-8748 and we can hook you up!

INGREDIENTS: Distilled water, natural vitamin E, calendula, lavender oil, sesame oil, geranium oil, roman chamomile oil, sandalwood oil, and French seaweed absolute.

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$ 16.00
$ 16.00
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